Smith & Wesson Range Jacket Wear Test Review

Smith & Wesson has teamed up with technical clothing vendor Wild Things to make a line of clothing? The new line is for both professionals that demand high performance outdoor apparel, and other people who carry guns that want stylish, functional...

The Range Jacket is very comfortable to wear – there is plenty of room in it despite its semi-fitted cut, and the back gussets provide freedom of movement for arm motion (something I’m sensitive to).  The gun I choose to carry in it was a lightweight j-frame.  The CC chest pocket worked well with this classic gun, using both the incorporated elastic holster and an after-market hook-faced nylon one.  You can place the gun lower in this pocket with an after-market holster than the elastic holster positions it, if that’s your preference.  The zipper closure on this pocket is orientated correctly – that is, you pull it down to open, which is the only practical way to open a vertical zipper one-handed.  This proper orientation provides fast, one-hand access to the CC pocket.

The front flap pockets are nicely sized for a small gun, too – they are not so big that a gun will swim in it, nor so small that you can’t get your hand onto a gun situated within it.  There are any number nylon holsters on the market that will allow you to position your gun vertically or at an angle in these pockets.  The organizers in these pockets are also well thought-out.  The three internal compartments sit flat on the back of the pocket’s inside, and don’t balloon out into it, thus interfering with your hand as it tries to access items in the main pocket (this is a complaint I have against many compartmented pockets on tactical clothing).  They are sized appropriately for a cell phone, nylon cuffs, OC, and many other items that you should be carrying.  Finally, there are sufficient other pockets on this jacket to carry the “stuff” you normally carry in a jacket, other than your tactical gear. 

My bottom line on the S&W/Wild Things Range Jacket: I like it!  It’s discrete, it’s stylish (but not attention-getting), and it’s highly functional.


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