Welcome to the Holidays Crime-Fighters

I would love to tell you that that time of year from Thanksgiving till Christmas is a time of peace on Earth and goodwill to men and in most quadrants and with most people this tends to be true. However, in others fueled by alcohol, drugs, rage or the...

  • Monitor activity and scan the area upon approach, use all your senses
  • Be ready to drive out of the kill zone
  • Park away from the location
  • Be conscious of light issues.  Park in the dark or shadows and be leery of “black holes” or shadows where a suspect may be concealed
  • When using your flashlight avoid leaving it on.  “Paint” an area with light then turn your light off and change position
  • Be ready to respond with deadly force
  • Consider “up-arming” to the patrol carbine or shotgun
  • Move from the patrol car to available solid cover such as trees or wooden utility poles
  • Remember suspects can move and may have left the reported location to take up a position of ambush or attempt to flank you
  • Don’t equate closeness with being in control.  When dealing with armed suspects, distance is your friend
  • Coordinate response with other officers
  • If a suspect, reported or thought to be armed is encountered, have a firearm out and ready to respond from behind cover
  • If possible have the suspect prone out or go to a kneeling position to reduce their mobility
  • Coordinate approach with other officers
  • Handcuff, then search
  • If they run, foot chases of armed suspects are extremely hazardous.  If you lose sight of asuspect they may formulate a hasty ambush.  Consider:
    • Locking down a perimeter with other units
    • Calling in a K9
    • Conducting a systematic search with other officers
    • Be cover, sound and light conscious


I’m wishing you and your family the healthiest and happiest of Holiday seasons but in order for that to happen, you must accept, plan and prepare to deal with the worst that this brings out in your fellow man.  While on and off the job pay particular attention to the very real threats that exist.  Remind your family of the perils of the holiday as well.  The good things in life and during the holidays can only be experienced if you are safe and uninjured.

*I would highly recommend the new video documentary “Heroes Behind the Badge”.  Available through the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund at www.nleomf.com   An extremely powerful and well produced documentary about the heroes that wear blue and the risks they face every day on the mean streets of America.


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