The Importance of Perspective

Without historical perspective it is far too easy to become discouraged or depressed by the world around us. Lighten up! It’s not as bad as it seems.

Our concern is to help you, as police and protectors of society, to not fall prey to fatalism.  My undergraduate degree was a BA in History; thinking historically is second nature to me.  To most people it is not.  Both Althea and I, holding Masters of Social Work degrees, are trained in social ecology and see human behavior through a cultural lens.  We’re not really surprised or shocked by much – people are people and behavior is surprisingly consistent across generations.  We tend to view behavior somewhat objectively.  Without historical perspective inherent in our backgrounds, however, it is sadly easy to become discouraged or depressed by the world around us. 

We don’t want you to be discouraged or depressed!  It’s not good for you, your families and friends, your colleagues and department, or your communities. 

We will continue with this study of perspective and overcoming fatalism next month, with some alternative – and more positive - ways to view your world.


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