Reviewed in 2012 - A Product Collection

Investigator-Virtual Reality (I-VR), National Forensic Science Technology Center, University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center “Virtual reality: A reality for crime scene training” by Rebecca Kanable Brian Cochran, a detective for...

The sights are the low profile style with a ramped rear. Users can quickly align the three dots. The rounded slide top is textured (I was thankful for this because I shot into the sun in most of my range sessions.) I started out shooting at a 6 o’clock hold, meaning I aligned my sights at the bottom center of the bulls-eye when shooting. The gun printed a little to the right at center mass. Since the sights allowed drifting and use a set screw, adjustments are not even an issue.

There is a noticeable undercut in the trigger guard. About a millimeter of stock has been radiused where the knuckle of the shooting hand rides underneath. Most users will like this feature because it lowers the pivot area of the recoil.

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