Ethically Speaking – Just for the Cops?

Let’s look at an episode that has blown ethics completely out of the water for the whole country and probably the world: Jerry Sandusky's molesting of young boys and the in-action of Pennsylvania State University staff to notify the police of his...

President Emmert was strong in his remarks to Penn State “"In the Penn State case, the results were perverse and unconscionable," he said. “No price the NCAA can levy will repair the grievous damage inflicted by Jerry Sandusky on his victims. However, we can make clear that the culture, actions and inactions that allowed them to be victimized will not be tolerated in collegiate athletics." The school had put ‘hero worship and winning at all costs’ ahead of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

I have to commend Governor Tom Corbett, the former Pennsylvania Attorney General who began the investigation into Sandusky, the investigators with the Attorney General’s office, and the Pennsylvania State Police for their diligent efforts to put this case to rest.  I doubt they knew it would turn into an article on ethics but I hope this serves as a lesson to all sectors of employment that Ethics should be taught, invoked, and enforced.


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