Planning Made Simple

The biggest mistake of a young supervisor is to take the IAP and roll it up and put in under the sun visor just in case it is needed. Have they familiarized themselves with it? Nope, probably hasn’t even read the darned thing yet. But, they have it just...

Have you dusted off and cracked open your department action plans? Do you know the emergency plans for natural events? If this has not been up updated recently, project time! Things change and no plan sitting too long is ever correct. If your agency has a representative to the city or county emergency operations center (EOC) check with their plans as well.

Big suggestion here is staff training. Instead of having boring training, you and your command should have a training session reviewing the action plans. Everyone needs to know their expectations.  They read a lot easier in the calm of training rather than by candle light during a power outage. Oh, do you have a hard copy handy? I know we are in a paperless society right? Nope, the workstation is on emergency power but the printer is not, so have your hard copy ready now.

Now that I have mentioned the great gods of policeland, here is another of their famous tricks. I do not know your city or county, matters not for what comes up is often so far from your radar it will often be unimaginable. So, when the high school chemistry class decides to mix all of the chemicals to see what happens, you will be working. There will never be a prewritten (and preapproved) plan for everything that will get thrown at you. So, the basic response plans and sometimes using sections of preexisting plans for other events are the answer or the baseline. Don’t panic, step back and think out what are the similarities and differences. The similarities are the easy ones, so you can plan immediately. The differences require the finesse and thought; this is what you get paid the big bucks for now.

When life throws you a major incident, you will do fine. You have had the training and you now have a few tips to fine tune your response.


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