Impediments to Your Survival

How officers are their own worst enemies in their own survival

Refocus and recommit right now because job violence in LE is a reality and it is abundantly clear that what separates winners in life and in violent encounters from losers is the commitment to train and prepare to do one’s best and make it home at the end of the shift.  That commitment drives you forward when excuses to do otherwise arise.

  • Winning Mindset – The often neglected but vitally important ingredient of proper mindset is essential to your winning the day on the street.  Even the most indifferent or lazy officer has a mindset even though it may be negative.  For instance, belief that it won’t happen here or to you, is a mindset.  It’s just an unbelievably ignorant mindset when operating as an LEO. 

What we want is a winning mindset which is premised on the fact that “it” can and will happen to you, you just don’t know when/where and you must be aware and ready for it.  That the preparations and training you engage in now are the method and manner by which you will win. 

The Winning Mindset is based on: awareness of the kinds and types of threats that exist in LE; people and environment constant threat scan; decisiveness based on knowledge of the law and hard won experience; competence/confidence in your skills based on training; accepting that fear is a natural response and that you can win the day regardless; intense drive to take care of business – to control or stop the threat, to operate safely and tactically, to get up off the deck if knocked down; to win the day regardless.

Five to Win

So what’s the opposite of building personal roadblocks to your survival?  Building strong positive links and pathways in your brain and body, thus getting the deck stacked firmly in your favor. 

  • Check your ego at the door and train to win
  • Devote some time for training to win
  • Properly clean and maintain your firearms and equipment
  • Recommit yourself to what you need to do to win
  • Sharpen and maintain your winning mindset

It all starts with a decision.  To be positive and win and to engage in those things which further that goal or to adopt a mindset and attitude which manifests itself in building brick walls and then running at them full speed?  That’s the question.  For or against – which do you choose?


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