IACP 2012


Blauer took their first step into law enforcement’s footwear industry. Their new boot features a BOA lacing system—a technology adopted from the snowboarding industry—that tightens with a twist of a tough-mounted handle and releases with a pull.

COBAN Technologies Inc.

COBAN Technologies Inc. debuted the latest in Smart High Definition (Smart HD) Technology with its new EDGE High Definition (EDGE HD) video system. EDGE HD is COBAN’s fourth generation of digital in-car video systems, featuring newly developed technologies and upgraded features. EDGE HD is equipped with a user-friendly 5.7-inch touchscreen and is eligible for effortless software upgrades when new functions become available. EDGE HD is designed so that crucial video and audio evidence are never missed due to a failure to record a specific incident.


IES put attendees deeper into simulation with their MILO range training technology connected with the FAAC driver simulator. In a scenario officers would use the driving sim to essentially drive to the scenario, get out and interact in the scene using the IES screen.

At scheduled times during the show, IES also grabbed the attention of officers walking by with a zombie shooting scenario. The sim placed shooters in command of a rifle or pistol with a seemingly non-stop hoard of targets shambling towards them.

Intermec Inc.

Intermec Inc. announced that the Sand Springs Police Department, located in the suburbs of Tulsa, Oklahoma with 32 sworn officers and 42 police vehicles, has deployed a new e-Citation solution featuring the Intermec CN50 mobile computer and digiTICKET software from Tulsa-based Saltus Technologies. The solution replaces SSPD’s carbon paper-based process for improved efficiency and officer safety. 

LEID Products LLC

LEID Products LLC. announced that the North Andover Police Department in Massachusetts has successfully implemented the BACS Evidence Management System, including LEID’s Electronic Evidence Lockers and BACS Evidence Management ID Station Kiosk. The department has been using the BACS Evidence System to access and track all evidence moving into and out of the property room for a month and have already achieved better chain of custody, increased accuracy in reporting, and time savings.

Raytheon / Twisted Pair Solutions

Raytheon displayed its partnership with Twisted Pair Solutions to help first responders communicate on a variety of handheld devices. Police, fire and emergency rescue workers will be able to communicate with each other no matter what device they are using.
Spillman showcased its decision-based policing software solutions, along with more than 40 other innovative public safety software modules.


ZCO’s PolicePad app was demonstrated in a video entitled “4G Meets the G-Man” during the conference. The app places many features at law enforcement’s fingertips, including sex offender data, live video/photo streaming, messaging, compatibility with a civilian counterpart for tips, ability to connect network surveillance feeds and more.

The video can be viewed at the ZCO website, www.zco.com/policepad.

Glock Inc.

GLOCK Inc. donated $50,000 to the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.). in a show of support for the men and women entrusted to protect our communities and their families. This marks the sixth consecutive year that GLOCK has donated to the organization, putting the company’s total contributions at $300,000.