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The Troy OEM M4 BattleSling Mount

A friend of mine who happens to be the owner of Gun Connection in White Marsh, Maryland noticed the single point sling adapter I was using one day and told me I was overdue for an upgrade.  Had my wife been there, she would have given him a dirty look but she wasn’t so it was game on to find a new one.  I stopped by on my way home from work one day and took a look at the latest options available for a replacement lower receiver plate that would act as a single point sling adapter.  I was shown several models before deciding on the Troy OEM M4 BattleSling Mount.  Troy Industries, Inc. products are all made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.

The Troy OEM M4 BattleSling Mount is designed to be used with an included quick detach sling swivel with limited rotation.  The quick detach sling swivel the M4 BattleSling Mount comes with has a large button in the center making it easy to use.  The mount is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and it has a hard anodized coating.

This is an ambidextrous mount that is able to be used by right or left handed shooters.  Swivel sockets are situated on the left, right, and in the bottom center.  This is nice from an agency procurement standpoint where you can order one part that will work for all of your personnel.  For those agencies issuing multiple shoulder fired weapons capable of using a quick detach sling swivel mount, you could issue one sling that works with multiple firearms and therefore save some of that valuable budget that seems to be dwindling each fiscal year.

Let’s talk about installation of the mount.  The biggest thing to remember is that if you are not properly trained in the detailed disassembly and reassembly of an AR-15, i.e. an armorer, take it to someone who is.  Armorers hate it when personnel bring them a bag of gun parts and tell them they don’t know what happened.  It may also be against your agencies policy to modify an agency owned firearm on your own.  If you’re going to do the install, make sure you have the proper tools and follow the directions which are available here on the Troy Industries website.  Some adapters require filing down the nub that fits in to the slot on the bottom side of the lower receiver extension, more commonly known as the buffer tube.  This mount on the other hand does not.  It slips right in to place with no trouble.  Some feel that this can make an adapter have a sloppy fit but, once it was tightened down, I did not have any wiggle in the mount.

If you’re running an M-16A2, A3, or A4, Troy has a similar mount for you.  Don’t worry, for those of you with DRMO surplus M-16A1’s, Troy Industries has you covered too.  As with the M4 mount the other models also have installation instructions available on the Troy Industries website and are available in black and flat dark earth.

Troy Industries is able to completely outfit your entire rifle with Back Up Iron Sights, Rails, Rail Sections, Muzzle Brakes, Sling Adapters, and a lot more.  The craftsmanship ofTroy’s products is so good that they have partnerships with Viking Tactics, Aimpoint, Bio-Circle, BDS Tactical, Troy Defense, Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger & Company, POF-USA, LaRue Tactical, LWRC, Noveske, and HK Defense.

The MSRP is $45 on the Troy OEM M4 BattleSling Mount.  Visit the Troy Industries website at: