Training To Win Gunfights

Firearms training can no longer be simply a nice outing - a day to get together with buddies, shoot a couple boxes of ammo, and then go play golf or retire to the nearest gin mill for a few drinks.

I hope you will consider getting a copy of this important work. In the meantime, the following is one of the many CQB drills Bob has included, which will make you better equipped to win.

The Gantlet Drill (Photo 2) is designed to assist the shooter in developing an ability to hit right and left oblique targets on a dead run.


Six or more Pepper Popper targets positioned on either side of a firing lane at staggered intervals. At the end of the run, locate a seventh popper, or stop plate, to complete the drill.


From the ready gun position, move forward between targets and fire while on the run. Start slowly and increase your speed as your skills improve. Never move or shoot faster than you can hit. Never turn around to fire at any target you have missed. All rounds must be fired downrange at all times.

Note: As skills increase, set the steel poppers so they require a head shot or multiple hits to topple, and increase the intervals between targets.

Active shooter situations are becoming the norm. We can no longer sit back waiting for SWAT teams to arrive and handle these types of deadly incidents. Traffic stops involving the driver and/or passengers jumping out of their vehicles and assaulting the officer are also a common threat. If you take time to get into your comfortable two-handed shooting stance, you have lost precious time. You could have already delivered a fatal round to your adversary. If you haven’t practiced one-handed shooting with both right and left hands, you are behind the power curve, as this techniques will feel uncomfortable and you will lack confidence. Please practice these life-saving drills and techniques. It is truly a matter of life and death.

Stay safe, Brothers and Sisters!


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