Can Being a Nice Guy Get You Hurt?

The common job shared by every cop (first & foremost) is this: go home at the end of your shift. If you think that you don’t minimally owe that to yourself (you do), you owe it to those in your life and in your world who love you; those who depend on...

Remember this (typical) call:  You were sent on a family trouble call.  After 10-15 minutes, you have the wife, the husband (knuckle-head) and kids all calmed down – maybe even with a smile sprouting up here or there.  Then, in charges a well-meaning, under-experienced, overly-motivated rookie who thinks that he has something to teach everyone on your crew and raises the family’s group mentality to a furor.  You’d like to kick his...  well, educate him some.

On top of that, and I’m sure you’ve all heard this before (if you’re military or law enforcement): people get promoted to the limit of their incompetence.  That said, remember these failed notions and try to work around them:

Always make the boss look good.

Never look better than the boss.

When it comes right down to it, 



About The Author:

Jim Donahue is a native of the Midwest, getting his education at Michigan State University. He is now training patrol officers on Technology & Tactics which translates for street cops into how to use patrol car computers -- safely.

Previously, Jim was part of the Wayne County (MI) Sheriff’s Department and detailed full-time to U.S. Customs & Immigration at the Detroit/Canada border in the year following the attacks of 9/11. He has also worked as a reserve patrolman on the streets of a suburban Detroit community.

Jim recently finished a three year term as an Ambassador for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C. He is now supporting the Officer Down Memorial Page ( and the Under-100 initiative.

Jim has worked with police departments across the country on process improvement at the patrol car level, focusing on technology to improve tactics, safety, and productivity. He instructs in a variety of police academies and having taught "Technology and Tactics" to thousands of cops in-service nationally. He is an accomplished grant writer.

Jim is married to Paula and they have two children. He has six bodybuilding contests to his credit. Jim is active in his community and his church.

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