20 MORE ways to use your smartphone

1.‘ponga sus manos donde puedo verlos’

Google Translate How many ways can you say “Put your hands where I can see them”? Reference this helpful translation service with over 50 stored languages when you’re looking to convey your message in a non-native tongue.

2. Emergency Kit Organizer

What’s in your e-kit? Store an ongoing list of purchased items and track the expiration dates on goods.

3. Instant Heart Rate

Health is wealth. Optimize your exercise routine and track your progress with help from an in-phone heart rate monitor. Says one user: “Checked this app against professional quality exercise equipment over a one-week period and found that it’s remarkably accurate and dependable. Great job.”

4. K9 training with VonFalconer

The goal of the Von Falconer is to educate owners on the proper care and training of their hard-working, four-legged partners. Get tips and recommendations like nurturing puppies from their first night through their first year.

5. EvidenceCam

This gem was derived from the larger U.S. Cop app. Every stored evidentiary image is stamped with GPS coordinates, date/time and address for painless organization and fast retrieval.

6. avast! Mobile Security

When your phone doubles as an investigative tool, you’ll want to safeguard it. This top-rated antivirus and anti-theft app has a hidden component that gives you remote control via SMS or Web (lock, locate, siren, memory wipe, etc.). It scans each URL that loads and issues a warning if it’s malware-infected. Android Police called it an “incredibly strong contender among mobile security apps. All features seem to work perfectly, and are simply polished, intuitive, and well thought-out.”


Find your town’s Picasso. GARI (Gang Graffiti Automatic Recognition and Interpretation) was developed at Purdue and identifies graffiti using a handwriting recognition engine. After collecting the image, GARI will analyze it and compare it to other images in its database.

8. Campus Sentinel

Make sense of campus crime stats. This free mobile app for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) provides statistics in a flash. Tap into the ‘Find a Campus’ section for the most recent three years of statistics for weapons, drug, and alcohol violations; property crimes; and violent crimes. Then compare schools to one another and to a national per 1000 average.

9. Field Contact

You could carry a notepad, pencil and camera, or you could download this. Document, photograph, search and share all aspects of your LE contacts directly to your iPhone. Enter all pertinent I.D. information directly to your ‘Field Contacts’ including names, addresses, vehicle information, aliases, location of incident, and more.

10. US Accident Report lets users complete an Official Accident Report and submit it to the appropriate state, county or city police department, nationwide. A free USAccident Dispatch App is also available for police departments and emergency 911 call centers to distribute to callers at the time of an accident.

11. Hyperlocal Citizen’s alert Download it for free on Apple or Android smartphones to receive immediate notification about natural disasters, dangerous storm situations, missing persons, traffic, terrorist attacks, and local crimes in progress.

12. Google-Goggles

Identify products, landmarks, storefronts, art work and online images, or translate text in a number of languages. The uses for this one just might be limited only by your imagination.

13. PervPointer

Show citizens how they can protect their family. Locate the home and work addresses of registered sex offenders. Claims to shows more offenders than any other app and offer unlimited vicinity scan results. Now includes Facebook and Twitter integration. The name says it all.

14. MyPD is opt-in for agencies now approaching 100 departments across the US and Canada. MyPD brings community policing into the community’s pocket. Civilians can send tips, commend an officer, or look up frequently asked questions in seconds. Version 2 coming soon!

15. The National Cyber Security app for Android covers everything from computer hacking, cell phone security, cyber bullying, events, conferences, videos, and computer security job openings.

16. iTriage was built by doctors. Feeling less than stellar? Ask iTriage questions like “What medical condition could I have?” and “Where should I go for treatment?” It also lets you save, easily access, and share the healthcare information most important to you.

17. Tactical Police Table is custom-tailored for SWAT team leaders and Operations. Built with sand tabling in mind, Tactical Police Table let you draw up active shooter training scenarios, conduct after-action reviews and instantly share info with your unit.

18. Reverse Projection measures and locates objects in an existing photo. By moving around and adjusting the scale, rotation, and location of the overlay within the camera’s view, you can find the position of the camera when the selected photo was taken. A unique new investigative tool!

19. Police Book: Street Intel

Keep and search memory-refreshing information about the colorful folks you meet on the street. Retain images, or quickly search and organize detailed information.

20. U.S. Army Survival Guide

Brush up on your backwoods survival skills or prep for Search & Rescue missions. This guide is based on the U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70 and received impressive user reviews for its thorough information and effortless navigation.