Law Enforcement Fitness: Fuel the Machine

The body is a machine and this machine needs constant maintenance. A day in the life of an officer is as varied and unpredictable as it can be. From not knowing when your next meal is to hours of patrol to excessive physical exertion the machine has to be...

      *A meal that can be eaten hot or cold in plastic ware.  Something like chicken, brown rice with   black beans and mixed veggies.  It’s a complete meal and can be eaten hot or cold.

      *Water bottles or a big water jug.

So engine references aside to keep yourself primed  and functioning as a true Tactical Athlete it takes some fore thought and some planning but when it come down to it long shifts, rough days and stress will be much less likely to take their toll on your body.  Remember, wellness and fitness is a lifestyle but as I have shown you it takes very little planning and little time to keep the machine fueled and ready for action!


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Bryan Fass is the author of “Fit Responder”, a comprehensive wellness plan for the first responder, and the Fit Responder Blog. Bryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and is certified as a licensed athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. He was a paramedic for over 8 years. Bryan has authored four books regarding fitness, wellness and human performance. Bryan is available for Consulting and Speaking on Public Safety Fitness Testing along with Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Programs. Contact him via email to

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