The Smokescreen Concealment Monopack

Off-body carry certainly isn’t the best way to carry a firearm, but sometimes it’s either the only way to do so, or an intelligent choice given the trade-offs. Situations meeting one of these requirements for off-body carry can come up fairly often...

The gun compartment is a pass-through, Velcro-lined pocket behind the front compartment of the pack.  It is well thought out.  It is accessible by zipper from either side, and the zippers have a snap attached to the end of their pulls.  These female snaps are attached to a small square of material of a contrasting color to the part of the pack where the mating male snap resides.  Thus you have a secure (zipper and snap) gun compartment, and the thingamabob that you have to pull to access it is clearly marked, although it looks completely innocent.  Very well thought out!  And now you see the purpose of the front compartment’s padded front panel: it serves to break up any outline of the gun held in the gun compartment behind the front compartment.  Another well thought out detail!

To access your hidden gun, you simply rotate the pack to your chest where is assumes a horizontal orientation.  You pull the gun compartment’s snap and unzip its side, and your gun is right there in a cross-draw position.  The Smokescreen comes with a simple Velcro holster that will fit almost any gun out there.  My full-size S&W M&P fits comfortably in the pack’s gun compartment and is easy to withdraw.

Bottom line here: the Smokescreen Concealment Monopack is well thought out for concealed carry, it’s just the right size—small enough so that you’ll actually carry it and big enough to hold a normal day’s stuff, and it is extremely comfortable to carry.  I examined all the stitching and could not find any loose threads or flaws, so I expect the pack to last—I know that items I bought from Elite Survival (then known as Assault Systems) in the mid-90s are still going strong.

And here’s what I really like in the pack: it’s available in a completely non-tactical looking configuration and colors.  It comes in black/gray, coyote/olive, and blue/silver.  I love the blue because it’s the most non-tactical looking color, but even the other two colors are pretty darn non-tactical looking.  There’s no MOLLE on the pack and it looks like something that you see every day on people of all ages.

If I sound like I really like this pack, you’re right.  I consider it a real find!


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