My Reality with Reality TV

I had many police wives reach out to me privately stating they would be interested in participating in a project if it does truly educate the world on who we are; there is a lot of negative press about our officers and those we love and an opportunity...

A few weeks ago, Mike & I were contacted by Mercedes Collazo, a Casting Producer for Fremantle Media who stated,

“I am reaching out to you regarding a TV docu-series about the lives of police wives. We are looking to give an ensemble of dynamic women a platform to show the world an insider look into their everyday lives; married to men called to duty in the noble and dangerous realm of policing. The show would feature the lives of an authentic group of police wives who have bonded with one another through their husbands’ jobs.”

This is not the first time we have been contacted by a producer regarding a show or some other type of project looking for feedback or ideas.  When this happens we’re always careful to verify their identity and credibility and, in fact, most who do contact us have legitimate motives of progressing and promoting the profession in a healthy manner.  So as always, we did our due diligence with an open mind.

What intrigued me about this project and gave me hope was the term “docu-series.”  Police wives, partners, & husbands are the angels behind the badge that serve and protect to keep their officer’s world safe on the home front.  We do battles in ways no one notices and we do not call attention to what we do.  We just do it because we love our officer and we believe in the profession so, if there is a documentary that would truly sing the praises of our silent unsung heroes, I was wholeheartedly on board.  I am committed to promoting the good of the profession and I have a special place in my heart for those who love the one who carries the badge.  I do not believe our silent angels get enough praise or recognition.

Our usual process in vetting a project that has contacted us is to start with a simple Google search and dig from there.  Mike is especially good at this (as you might remember from a previous article, he is very good at finding prostitutes, wanted people who’d prefer that police not come knocking, and others who are up to no good by digging around online).  Both our Internet searches revealed Ms Collazo is, in fact, a casting producer and Freemantle Media is a legitimate production company tied to a number of prominent projects, most notably American Idol (However, the first warning bell to sound was she is also tied to Bridezillas and Real Housewives of Orange County).  Now, I readily admit I am a huge reality TV junkie.  Before you go hatin’ on me for this, there are many different types of reality shows.  A reality show is any show that is spontaneous dialogue and does not require a script.  The show Cops (admit it, you’ve all watched) is probably one of the first reality modern shows.

The second step was to call her, so one day in between patients I made the call and it was a lot of fun!  Mercedes was upbeat, positive, and had an exciting energy.  On this first call she directed the interview right off the bat and definitely whetted my interest; she is very good at what she does.  Also in the process of the phone call, she told me how this show is a docu-series intent on educating society about police wives.  I was told this would be a positive experience and it would not be harmful or exploitive at all….at least that was the plan at this time.

I really enjoyed the call with her and during it I had the opportunity to describe how police wives support their spouse behind the scenes and how it can be lonely.  How we often refer to ourselves as “single marrieds” because of the unusual hours of shift work, holidays away from our partner, and often going single to “plus-one” events.  Mercedes was empathetic and understanding.  She told me she could tell I was a trainer, and she loved how I put complex concepts into simple phrases and words.  She told me I would be perfect for the show and she was going to pitch me to the production staff who were about to meeting in their Hollywood offices.  Could she and the show’s producer call me later that day and could we have a Skype interview with me in the next couple of days? 

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