Tactical Fitness: My Aching Back

Other studies have shown that when anonymously surveyed almost 50% of officers state back pain or “minor” injury in the past 6 months. Back pain is far more prevalent in Law Enforcement than many of us realize and then factor in the culture and...

Perform these 4 exercises after you roll/massage and stretch 2-3 times per week.  Exercises 1,3,4 are time and technique dependent so quality of movement is far more important that number of reps.  Exercise number 2 is done for 15-25 reps.  All exercise should be done for 2-3 sets.  Remember these are corrective and stabilizations movements so keep it slow and under control at all times.

Officers that have an injury and are NOT back on the job in 90 days have less than a 20% chance of ever returning to work.  Pay it forward when it comes to your health, wellness and fitness as these exercises are corrective and preventative at the same time.  Exercise is a great stress reducer and the more fit and regimented you are the easier it can be to mitigate the stressors, both physical and mental, in your job and life.  Be fit, stay safe.


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Bryan Fass is the author of "Fit Responder", a comprehensive wellness plan for the first responder, and the Fit Responder Blog. Bryan has a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine and is certified as a licensed athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. He was a paramedic for over 8 years. Bryan has authored four books regarding fitness, wellness and human performance. Bryan is available for Consulting and Speaking on Public Safety Fitness Testing along with Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Programs. Contact him via email to bryan@firepoliceemsfitness.net.

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