Book Review: Rattenkrieg! by Bob Taubert

Rattenkrieg! is about CQB tactics, techniques, tools, and training in a primarily LE team setting. Taubert defines CQB shooting as 1) precise hi-speed shooting while moving, 2) within 15 yards, 3) under marginal light, 4) with multiple threats present, 5...

In the book Taubert frequently casually drops high-level insights into the middle of a chapter; for example you will learn why “rhythm” shooting is an easy trap to fall into and how it accounts for a lot of misses.  Bob addresses squarely some of the “new-fangled” techniques such a target-focused shooting and trigger slapping, gives them respect, and sets them in their proper place.  One of the gems in this book is the collection of drills that Taubert uses in his training, many of them coming directly (or in modified form) from the many first-tier CT groups he’s worked with.  Again, anyone can design some drills, but what you get here is Bob’s selection of a particular drill for a specific purpose(s), and the assurance that this drill has been used successfully by world-class teams to build their own skill.  You’re not just getting some training advice, but training wisdom from a guy that’s seen as much of the best teams training and operations as anyone living.

Not many people with Bob’s knowledge are available to the wider LE community, and we are fortunate that his career path has brought him to the point where he can share what he knows with us.  With this book you can learn the CQB pistol wisdom of a man who was there at the beginning, who has world-wide experience over decades, and who has kept abreast of the field all that time.  That’s a deal!

Rattenkrieg! is available now from Saber Press, a division of Saber Group, Inc.


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