The art of making an informed upgrade

As law enforcement equipment is used in critical missions, it must be rugged, capable, easy to use and based on proven technologies. These days, it must also feature open standards, along with technology that is cost-effective and flexible enough to allow...

Top performance is akin to safety

Local performance of homeland security operations is vital to the public interest. Maintaining effective local cooperation across policy sectors is necessary to create resilience in the face of terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Communications interoperability is vital to achieving community resilience during and after a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Moreover, achieving high performance on interoperability can inform how to secure other sectors, such as critical infrastructure, given similar political and economic constraints.

The importance of the MPEG-4 family of audio and video coding standards cannot be underestimated. Not only is it extremely successful in its own right as a cutting-edge technology, but it has also proved to be a powerful enabler for the new generation of content delivery platforms. MPEG-4 video compression saves valuable resources and enables law enforcement units to capture and deliver high-quality video while effectively managing bandwidth consumption.

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