I Can't Promise You Won't Be Offended

We live in an age where being Politically Correct has caused us to act and talk stupidly – to abandon lessons society learned long ago.

Color is neither good nor bad, whether it be skin, hair or my eye shade.  It simply is what God gave me.  Period.

Muslims in New York and New Jersey are currently all in a lather because following the devastating attacks of 9/11/01, the NYPD kept these people and the groups to which they belong under close surveillance.  NOW, they are offended.  So what?  Thousands of families who lost loved ones on 9/11 are far more than offended.

These Muslim folks, some of whom are certainly righteously offended, act as though there is a Constitutional guarantee against being offended.  HORSE FEATHERS!  Whom should have been scrutinized closely following those attacks of war?  Possibly we should have deployed a wave of undercover officers to infiltrateProtestantChurchesor maybe a few Catholic convents?

It is this kind of thinking that causes the TSA to perform utterly stupid, preposterous strip-searches of Jewish grandmothers and toddling children at our nations airport. 

Heaven forbid, we should ever OFFEND anyone. 

Where Is This Nonsense Taking Us?

In Ohio not long ago, three high school students died and two more were injured at the hands of another student who had been remanded to an alternative school because he just wasn’t cutting it in regular society.  EVERYONE succeeds, right?  Wrong.

Nonsense notions like this are born and carried out when young people participate in athletic events and other competitions and EVERYONE gets a blue ribbon.  EVERYONE makes the team.   No one can be allowed to feel like a failure (less of a success?) and let their self-esteem take a hit.

When the reality of life smacks one of this misled folks in the face (as it did inOhio), they may just explode.

There is no guarantee of success built into the Constitution… and we must stop acting as if it is.

When I went off to school, I was taught by my parents never to start a fight.  But my dad was quick to add: if someone else starts a fight with me, make certain that I finish it.  A good lesson indeed.

Today’s absurd educational policies deal the same punishment in school to the person defending himself from a bully as it does the aggressor who caused the problem in the first place.   Are we completely loony?  Not a single major religious book supports such a preposterous idea.  

It’s even permeating coppery (sigh).  On these very pages just recently was published a story about a Texas cop who has been charged and given a 30 day suspension for stealing food and drink from the break room refrigerator that belonged to his co-workers.


It’s time for each person to take a stand, individually forAmerica, for truth, for reasonable behavior and for the Golden Rule.

Right & Wrong Are NOT Situational

Too many among us behave as though we have no personal stake in truth, justice and theAmerican Wayunless we, personally, are the victim of someone else’s wrong doing.  That is just plain nonsense.

Yesterday (as I type this), the TV news showed parents in Orlando allowing their teenaged kids to disembark from their vehicles in the middle of a main six-lane roadway and then weave their way through vehicular traffic to get to the door of the high school.  The same parents did this on repeated days, on camera, rather than safely depositing the students in the school’s designated drop-off zone.

When confronted by a reporter, one parent said, “I was forced to do it because the line to use the drop-off zone is too long.”   Harrumph.   It’s not MY fault.  It is not possible for me to be WRONG.   I can justify everything I do by simply adjusting the line between right and wrong.

In concurrence with the recent NBA all-star game inOrlando, Nike introduced a new $220 pair of sneakers.  The police had to break up an unruly crowd of HUNDREDS of people in a mall, all of whom were DEMANDING they be given a pair of the ridiculously-priced shoes even when it was known there were not enough to go around.

Each of us must take personal responsibility.

  • I will wish you a Merry Christmas – no matter what your faith. I will expect you to greet me with a holiday greeting appropriate to your faith and I won’t be offended.
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