Coverage of Warrior Expo East 2012

Warrior Expo East 2012 took place over two days in July 2012. It was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and featured two hundred vendor booths set up for 1500 attendees.

Combat Medical Systems has introduced several new products for tactical trauma care.  They have developed a new chest seal called the Sentinel Chest Seal for penetrating chest wounds.  It’s a dual vent chest seal that allows the wound to burp itself and drain blood away at the same time.  They also developed the MOJODART.  It’s a decompression needle for relieving a Tension Pneumothorax.  The MOJODART is unique in that the catheter is thicker than other decompression needles and that extra thickness helps to keep the catheter from binding or kinking.  CMS also decided to offer a Chest Trauma Kit.  It includes two of their Sentinel Chest Seals and one MOJODART in a small tube.  CMS also developed the Battle Wrap.  Instead of using an ACE bandage to help provide pressure on a wound, you can use the Battle Wrap.  The Battle Wrap stretches 30% compared to 80% stretch in an ACE Bandage.  The Battle Wrap also has a mild adhesive that sticks to itself rather than the patient.  It’s easily removed from skin without causing pain.  Check out the Combat Medical Systems website at:

Otis Technology is known for small, compact gun cleaning kits and has introduced several new products and advancements in their kits.  Otis has introduced a 3 Gun cleaning system that can maintain your 5.56 mm, 9 mm, 40 S&W, .45 ACP, and 12 gauge all in one kit.  The kit comes with MOLLE straps on the back so it can be attached to your pack or vest easily.  They have also started using a polymer insert to hold all the contents instead of their tradition foam inserts.  If you still want to be able to have a 3 Gun system in one kit but, want to do it with a little more style, you may opt to get their Zombie Gun Cleaning System.  That’s right, there’s no need to worry about weapons maintenance during the apocalypse.  Otis has you covered.  Check out the Otis Technology website at:

5.11 had their Breaching Tool System on display and were doing breaching demos both days.  The tools in this system are unlike any breaching tools you’ve seen before.  They were designed by two HRT operators from Sweden and are in use all over Europe right now.  While you can buy all of the tools separately, you can also get them in kits.  For patrol units, you have the Active Patrol Breeching Kit.  The Active Patrol Breeching Kit includes a MultiSledge, MultiPry, and Active Patrol Breaching Kit Bag.  Then there is the Heavy Breaching Kit for tactical or high risk teams.  The Heavy Breaching Kit includes a MultiBreacher, MiniRam, MultiPry, EdgeBender, and Heavy Kit Bag that can be worn like a back pack.  The though that has gone in to these tools was obvious.  I watched these tools in action and was impressed at just how little force was needed to breech the 5.11 Multi Purpose Training Door.  I don’t know if was really a matter of being able to use a little bit of force but, smart force with well designed tools.  5.11 wants to make sure you know how to best employ these tools and offers a one day breeching course or a two day breeching instructor course.  Check out the 5.11 website at:

This is obviously just a small sampling of what the Warrior Expo had to offer so I suggest that you go to one and check it out for yourself when one comes to a town near you.  Check out the Warrior Expo website at:


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