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Maxpedition Aggressor Tactical Attache

I was looking for a good multi purpose gear bag for work that would be big enough to carry all my gear and be durable enough for daily use.  I found exactly what I was looking for in the Maxpedition Aggressor Tactical Attaché bag.  It’s the big brother to their Operator Tactical Attaché bag.  This bag will carry so much kit that it will easily become to heavy to even want to carry it around.  It’s tough as nails and I would recommend it to any of my friends.

The bag itself is made from DuPont Teflon treated, 1000 Denier nylon fabric that is triple polyurethane coated for water resistance.  With that said, there are no storm flaps on the zippers and the flap pockets on the outside are far from watertight.  While the bag will repel some rain, I don’t recommend prolonged exposure to the elements.  The 1000 Denier nylon makes this a very durable bag.  I throw it from the front seat to the back seat and sometimes carry the bag in the back of my truck.  The abrasive spray in bed liner hasn’t even thought about wearing on the fabric.  You’ll notice as soon as you get your hands on the bag just how tough the fabric is.

The YKK zippers come with paracord zipper pulls which I think is a weak point in the bag.  The paracord zipper pulls are simply knotted at the end and eventually will need to be retied.  I did replace two of the zipper pulls with braided paracord pulls.  Each one uses 8 feet of cord and you never know when that might come in handy.  The internal seams are taped and points of high stress are Bartacked, double stitched, or box/cross stitched.  Over the two years I have been using the Aggressor, I have not had a single seam separation which says something about the craftsmanship because my bag must weigh 30 pounds.  Fortunately for those of us that do load these bags up, the dual carry straps can be bound together with a padded leather flap.  A nicely padded shoulder strap is also provided but, I found that it just got in the way and took it off shortly after I started using the bag.  Each side of the Aggressor has a field of loop for your favorite morale patches or name tag.

My Aggressor gets a good work out every day carrying my ruggedized laptop, power cord, back up gun, batteries, case files, writing implements, flash drive, business cards, folding knife, and anything else I might need for work. I found that the bottle and radio holders on the sides are convenient places to carry my four hand held radios, two in each pocket.  The radio and bottle holders have shock cord retention straps the secure with hook and loop to prevent loss.  Be careful about the items you place in the flap pockets on the outside of the bag, smaller items may fall out.  My keys fell out one day and I had to search the back seat to locate them.  Even though I knew the keys could not have walked very far, there is always that moment of doubt.  Two loops on top secure a baton of longer flashlight.  For those of you that will be carting around a laptop, the main compartment will accommodate up to a 17” screen.  There is a semi hidden, hook and loop secured pocket with loop inside for attaching a holster or other equipment pouches.  I use that particular pocket to carry a few tools like a screw driver, mini pry bar, etc.  I’ve never been a fan of off body concealed carry but, the option is available to you.  Attempting to draw a firearm from this pocket is cumbersome at best, it’s not the place to carry your primary defensive handgun.

You’ll like this bag, it’s tough as nails, carries a lot of gear, keeps it organized, and simply looks good.  Maxpedition offers the Aggressor in five colors: Black, OD Green, Khaki, Foliage Green, and ACU Digital.  If you shop around, you’ll be able to find the Aggressor for about $170.  You can check out the Aggressor on the Maxpedition web site by visiting:


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Max Schulte is a 17 year veteran of law enforcement with 5 years spent on active duty as a US Army Military Policeman.  His duties included patrol, Special Reaction Team, SRT Sniper, & Military Police Investigations.  He is currently serving with a large law enforcement agency in Maryland where he has worked patrol, criminal, and fugitive investigations.  He is a field armorer for numerous weapon systems and an adjunct firearms instructor for his agency as well as several civilian firearms and tactics training companies.