Condor Outdoor Gear 3-Days Backpack

I needed a bag big enough to haul my gear, that wore comfortably for miles upon miles of carry. The Condor 3-Day looked like it would fill my need, and it was recommended by the owner of WTG Tactical, so I figured I'd give it a try.

Within a week of receiving it and loading it, I knew I had to go for a hike with it to see how the load would ride/shift, and to make sure I tweaked the fit of the shoulder straps and waist belt for movement. I ended up doing about nine miles with the pack, taking a short break about every two miles. My pace wasn't killer - the nine miles took me a little more than four hours. Some of the terrain was wooded, small hills and trails; other parts of the hike were on sandy paths (that's just not comfortable on your calves).

I couldn't find anything to complain about as far as the pack was concerned. If I start to see any early signs of wear and tear, stitch failure, etc. I'll update you. For now I give this pack two thumbs up.

Stay safe!

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