The Fighting Stance

Most gun fights happen in the blink of an eye, and end just as quickly.

Most gun fights happen in the blink of an eye, and end just as quickly. There’s no time to think about proper stance or anything else, only enough time to do what comes naturally. Shootings occur at arm’s length, not 15-25 yards. Thus, the importance of training with combat courses and imprinting the winning mindset in each officer’s psyche.

The same advantages of the Isosceles accrue to non-shooting situations. The Isosceles position is a great fighting stance. It allows one to be balanced and ready to move or react to an adversary’s attack. Hands should be in front, waist level or slightly above, strong side just slightly to the rear, and body position slightly off-center from our opponent. Just as in shooting incidents, fights often occur without warning. The Isosceles affords readiness for either.

By the way, the Isosceles stance works with one-handed gun fighting as well. For instance, when the non-dominant hand is operating a flashlight, or you are pushing away from an opponent—the same rules apply. One word of caution, don’t shortchange the other basic marksmanship tenants, such as grip and sights. Always use a hard grip, hold that pistol as hard as you can and keep that front sight in view. Press the trigger, don’t jerk it. Do the same things the same way all of the time. Convince yourself that you are a winner and you will be. Remember, gun fighting is the culmination of shooting, training and mindset, which, incidentally, is also Isosceles in nature.

Stay safe, Brothers and Sisters!


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John M. Wills spent 33 years in law enforcement as a Chicago Police Officer and FBI Special Agent (Ret). He is a Freelance Writer and Speaker whose third book, TARGETED, is now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Contact John through his website:

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