20 ways to use your smartphone

#1: Police Spanish Guide

For Android comes with pre-programmed and indexed phrases by subjects, like basic questions, routine traffic stops, traffic or driving violations, field sobriety tests, lost child, domestic disputes and interrogation. Use the “flash cards” to study on the fly.

#2: First Aid

This Android tool helps you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or give instructions to someone else. Search illustrations, video and short text that show how to take action step by step and in the right order.

#3: Law Stack

Is that a legal library in your pocket? Law Stack has sections on the Constitution, federal rules for civil, criminal, appellate procedure, rules of evidence, U.S. Code, plus Code of Virginia and other states.

#4: iPharmacy

Just some Tylenol you say? This product can be useful when you need to accurately identify pills and quickly reference different medications in the field.

#5: U.S. Cop

960 pages of all-in-one police-palooza! Bone up on investigations, training, pill ID, commonly abused prescription medications, and more. The app includes a case law database covering subjects like probable cause, use of force, pursuit and the cavity search (always a party favorite).

#6: Vehicle Identification System

Know your Celica from your Corolla. The V.I.S. app provides a fast reference tool on patrol or while interviewing witnesses. Search an extensive database of front, side and back vehicle images of almost every make and model released in the last decade.

#7: PocketCop

The app from InterAct lets federal, state and local LE access critical information including FBI databases, state motor vehicle files and photos, and agency records for making more informed decisions in the field. (Android)

#8: Digital Terrorism & Hate

Self-contained and password-protected, this app was based on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual CD report and draws from more than 15,000 problematic websites, social networking pages, forums, online games and apps.

#9: iCrime-Fighter LE

This At-Scene product is a forensic whiz. Gather evidence, take notes and categorize case files with one device. Securely upload evidence and data via secure FIPS-compliant servers to your RMS or CAD systems.

#10: NVLS Mobile companion

This one is for law enforcement only. Scan license plates and compile LPR vehicle location date records; do NVLS vehicle location lookups from your Android; receive hit alerts against national NVLS hot-list records. One user called this app “amazingly accurate.”

#11: Signals

Provides a quick and simple reference to various communications signals, such 10/11 codes, Morse code, phonetic alphabet, police codes, Q-signals and more.

#12: Swiss Army Knife

It’s not your father’s knife. The app contains a set of tiny tools like a flashlight, ruler, timer stop watch, compass and bubble level.

#13: Wiser

(Wireless information system for emergency responders) assists first responders at hazardous material incidents. Find accurate information about hazardous substances, emergency resources and surrounding environmental conditions.

#14: Cargo Decoder

Find out what’s in that truck or tanker next to you on the highway. Enter the 4-digit number from the DOT placard to learn about a material and see details from the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook  (ERG 2008). Available for Android. (A 2012 edition is expected soon.)

#15: Tiny Flashlight

Though you’ve probably already got a real one, this little light offers a surprisingly decent wattage in a pinch.

#16: Police Codes

Will list those digits you spent all that time learning in the academy. Search medical/fire codes, police 10 codes, police 11 codes and scanner color codes at your fingertips.

#17: DUI Warning and Test Instructions

Forget your dog-eared Implied Consent Card; pull up field sobriety test instructions and a .08 chart on your iPhone in seconds (flashlight optional).

#18: Ballistic Energy Calc

This app calculates kinetic energy for rifles, handguns and shotguns. Any caliber can be used as long as the muzzle velocity and bullet mass (weight) are known.

#19: iFitness

Check your clipboard at the gym door. Meet your new personal trainer, complete with a database giving clear instructions and pictures to more than 100 exercises, sorted by body part and muscle targets. Save your data and record your progress.

#20: Police Miranda Warnings

Displays national standard Miranda warnings established by the U.S. Supreme Court. Access the warnings at the push of a button rather than digging through your wallet.