Duty Smith SpeedSet Gun Belt System

Leather was the standard for so long that nylon quite often was dismissed simply because "it wasn't pretty enough," or "only SWAT guys can use nylon." Duty Smith's SpeedSet will probably face the same challenge, but that challenge is based on...

Next I wanted to test the mounting system in the other direction, so I gragged each item with both hands and pulled the bottom of each one up as hard as I could, trying to peal it away from my body, up and off the belt. Again, no luck.

Satisfied that I wasn't going to be able to "break" it, I wore it for several days at the range, putting it on before leaving the house - as if I was going out on patrol - and not removing it until my "duty day" was complete (at least eight hours). At the completion of the wear testing I had experienced no malfunctions or failures in expectd performance. The belt was as comfortable to wear as my nylon duty belt (if not more so) and although I'm sure there is a measurable weight difference, albeit very slight, I didn't feel it during the wear test period.

All in all I have to give this new gunbelt design two thumbs up. As a brand-new-to-the-market product, I think it's going to come out of the gate strong and run hard for along time. Learn more about it by visiting the DutySmith website.

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