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Officer Radio 5/3/2012: Police Week Preview

Join us on Officer Radio this week as we focus on Police Week 2012.  With Police Memorial Day actually identified by Congressional action as May 15th, Police WEEK is that week in May that the 13th falls in.  Why?  Because the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial always holds the Candlelight Vigil, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the previous year, on May 13th.  This week on Officer Radio we're going to be talking about Police Week, some of the events, the training opportunities that are new this year, the SmartPhone app you can download and more.

Joining the show host will be Mr. Ed Nichols who runs the Cgynus Expo Division.  Mr. Nichols will provide us information about the training being offered at no cost to officers during the Officer World conference being held May 13th & 14th.  He'll also share some information about the keynote speaker of that event: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, an internationally recognized expert on conflict training for law enforcement and military personnel.

Also joining the show will be Mr. Steve Groeninger from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to share information with us about the events of Police Week, information about the Candlelight Vigil, and how the Line Of Duty Death rate is fluctuating from last year to this year.  Note that, if you cannot attend the Candlelight Vigil this year, is live streaming it on the web.  You would need to preregister though. The webpage to do so is here:

Finally, we'll be getting some information about a new application (app) for your smart phone that is available this year.  Provided by OfficerWorld the app will be feature loaded for all of Police Week to include shuttle bus information, training schedules, event schedules and locations and more.

So, TUNE IN - Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 1pm eastern.  Officer Radio on!