CONLAW, USNORTHCOM and the Third Amendment

Looking through our eyeglass of American History, we note that The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has barely addressed the Third Amendment, because the problem of troops forcing themselves into our homes for refuge hasn’t happened. It was a big issue...

It’s worthwhile to also note that since it’s creation, the USNORTHCOM has used elements of the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and component services to provide rescue services to our citizens at least one hundred and twenty five times since 2002.  By regulation, the United States Marine Corp, naval infantry, and the U.S. Navy cannot be assigned USNORTHCOM duties (with one loop hole – there always has to be one), however, the U.S. Coast Guard can since they are part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  As part of this USNORTHCOM assistance program to law enforcement, the Domestic Assistance Support Initiative was produced and briefly outlines what services and assets are available to the local and state police forces. Attached below is the latest document dated February 14th, 2012, and it is worth reviewing to see what assistance, equipment and guidance is available especially when local communities and states are cash strapped.

Finally, there is always going to be two opposing views of the Third Amendment.  Those views haven’t clashed with any true significance, because we as a nation have not found ourselves reeling backward from a WMD type attack needing the full onset of USNORTHCOM.  In the mean time, pray we never need too, but also see how what is available can be used by your agency.


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Keith R. Lavery, M.A., CMAS, is a full-time criminal justice educator teaching at a public Career Center, University System of Ohio. He has facilitated and designed criminal justice, security, and law enforcement courses of instruction at the post-secondary level. Keith had a very diverse police career spanning nearly 20 years, working in urban and rural law enforcement settings with assignments ranging from patrol to specialized functions, to include HIDTA Drug Unit, CLANLAB Enforcement Team, SRT and Supervision. In 2008, Keith was awarded the Certified Master Anti-Terrorism designation from the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board. Academically, he has completed post-graduate course work dedicated toward a Doctorate in Education. Keith is currently the Law Enforcement Liaison for the Cleveland, Ohio, Chapter of ASIS International.

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