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Brite-Strike CAPSS and APALS Review

This past January at SHOT Show I visited the Brite Strike booth. I saw two items there that just hit me as so handy I wanted to make sure I got to review them. The first is the Camp Alert Perimeter Security System (CAPSS); the second is the All Purpose Adhesive Light Strip (APALS).

The CAPSS is a simple device that provides audio and visual notification if your perimeter is breached. Working on the (nearly ancient but tried and trusted) trip wire, the unit itself provides the connection to complete a trip wire circuit. The unit measures just under 3" long by 1.375" wide by .75" at its thickest point. I can't find a published weight for it and I don't have a scale that indicates weight in small enough incriments to weigh it. The unit is LIGHT - I'm guessing under 4 ounces easy.

The complete CAPSS "system" (what comes in the box) includes:

  • 1X 135dB Audible Alarm With Red Lens Flashlight
  • Blue Side Flashing LED's
  • 2X 10 Meter Trip Wire
  • 2X Blue APALS™
  • 2X Nylon Zip Ties
  • 1X 8" Super Duty Adhesive Tape

The unit includes a red lens LED light provides sufficient working light to tie trip wires with. It also has a switch position that allows you to simply turn on a blue flashing LED light on the unit if you need its position visible prior to activation.

At one end of the unit, incorporated into the clear plastic "lens" that spreads the light of the flashing blue LED, is a hole for tying (or using a zip tie) in the trip wire at that end. At the other end is the pull-pin that, when pulled out, activates the alarm sound and flashling light. The pull-pin is attached to a small chain (like a short dogtag chain) by way of a metal ring. The overall effect is that you can measure and set up your trip wires and attach everything without ever having to take the pin out; so it can be done without that 135dB noise rocking your world.

As you can see from the above list, the package also includes two Blue APALS, which are adhesive light strips about the size of a dog tag. We'll talk more about APALS in a moment, but suffice to say (for now) they can be used to conveniently mark locations.

The cost for a complete CAPSS package is $40 on the Brite Strike website.

Moving on to the All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips (APALS), two of which are included in the CAPSS sytem package, we find a dogtag sized LED light that has the following specs:

  • Can be seen from up to 1/4 mile.
  • Runtime: 35+ hours.
  • Modes: On / Fast Strobe / Slow Strobe / Off
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive Back holds tight to any surface wet or dry
  • Waterproof and Dustproof

The lights can be used to mark a path, designate an area, mark a perimeter, identify people in groups, etc. They are available in red, blue, amber, green, pink and white. They can be purchased in boxes of ten ($44) or 100 ($400). They are also available in IR, 10 for $55 but only to law enforcement and military.

As you'll note, there are four function positions: on, fast "strobe" (flash), slow flash and off. To switch from mode to mode, going through each one to get to the next, you simply push the small button on the face of the APALS. The adhesive back has stuck to every surface I've tested it on (NOTE: getting them OFF cleanly isn't as easy).

Both of these products, the CAPSS and APALS fall into my "isn't that a cool idea" category. The CAPSS is something I'll definitely include in my camping gear and I can see plenty of applications for it in operative environments where a perimeter alarm system is necessary. The APALS lights, as mentioned, will serve well in marking a path, area or items/individuals.

Both seem "so simple" people will ask themselves, "Why didn't I think of that?" Reality is, you didn't have to think of it, you just need to appreciate it and use it if it suits your needs/situation.

For more information and to browse through other Brite Strike products, check out their website.

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