TRX Suspension Training

What’s really cool about this simple apparatus is that you can use it anywhere, indoors or out. Simply attach the system to a secure anchor point, e.g., a door, a hook on the wall, a tree or fence—you can hang this trainer anywhere. I’ve attached it...

The TRX phenomenon has spawned hundreds of certified trainers and TRX training facilities all over the world. It’s a proven system used by our military and many amateur and professional athletes. Another burgeoning industry, Sports Medicine, has recognized the efficacy of using TRX in building stability, flexibility and strength in their clients, along with rehabbing those who’ve sustained injuries.  If you’re looking to spend your workout time wisely, consider TRX Suspension Training.

Stay safe, brothers and sisters!


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John M. Wills spent 33 years in law enforcement as a Chicago Police Officer and FBI Special Agent (Ret). He is a Freelance Writer and Speaker whose third book, TARGETED, is now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Contact John through his website:

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