Preserve your memories, build new bonds

LET: What prompted you to make the switch from working in health science to becoming more involved with Concerns of Police Survivors? LMG: At the time I was the director of student affairs… and I had been involved in the chapter here in west TN...

And the healing doesn’t just come in one week, and you go away and you’re miraculously healed. But we find that many people bond with each other, and they exchange emails and they exchange phone numbers and addresses and they start communicating with each other and maybe a spouse is having a particularly bad day and there’s no one to reach out to, so the spouse can email or pick up the phone and call another spouse and say, “I’m having a really hard time” and the spouse understands what’s she’s experiencing because she’s already walked that road. So it’s just a lifelong of benefits that can be made available to the families. And we do offer scholarships for the children and the spouses. And you know there are so many programs that we have within the organization.


LET: How can law enforcement agencies help support C.O.P.S?

Many law enforcement agencies and officers currently support cops through payroll deduction, holding fundraising events and personal donations. We are working to increase our association with agencies and officers. We welcome opportunities to speak to our agencies to tell them about how our organization can help them.


LET: Who or what do you find inspirational?

God is my true source of inspiration. However, there are so many inspirational people in my life. Of course, my brother is my hero and his death is the reason I serve. My husband is my greatest supporter and counselor. My mother is 91 and she is such a source of encouragement to me. My sister who has suffered from debilitating illnesses all of her adult life yet she continues to find strength to go on. But I guess in the C.O.P.S. organization the survivors are my source of inspiration. When I attend National Police Week and look out over the audience and see so many family members who are there because they lost a law enforcement officer in the line of duty, I am inspired to push on through any difficult times.


LMG will complete here second term in May as National President of Concerns of Police Survivors.


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