Tactical Fitness: Do This Not That For Your Back

Fitness columnist Bryan Fass describes a couple exercises you can do to help maintain your back over the long term in your career.

The second exercise is a squat to a row:  Just like to first exercise our goal is a stable foot/ankle and good knee alignment.  Using a band or cable squat to parallel, pause (head up, back flat, knees straight) on the ascent row the weight back to the sides of your chest and at the same moment in time I want you to fire 1) your shoulder blades 2) glutes.  This contraction or firing occurs at the top of the movement just before you pause.  As before imaging squeezing a coin between your cheeks and an egg between your shoulder blades at the same moment in time.  As I teach my officers rowing movement have no hugs and no shrugs so hands off the body and no shrugging.

While there are literally hundreds of other exercises these will help to activate the glutes, hips and middle back while creating some mobility and stability in the lower body.

A final note; to all the officers who could do nothing but comment negatively on the five finger exercise shoes I am wearing in the pictures, if you have a question on the shoes and are curious about their benefits and risks just ask.  Besides they will challenge you in the gym in a whole new way, while not great for running they are great in the gym.


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Bryan Fass is the author of “Fit Responder”, a comprehensive wellness plan for the first responder, and the Fit Responder Blog. Bryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and is certified as a licensed athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. He was a paramedic for over 8 years. Bryan has authored four books regarding fitness, wellness and human performance. Bryan is available for Consulting and Speaking on Public Safety Fitness Testing along with Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Programs. Contact him via email to bryan@firepoliceemsfitness.net.

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