The Skinny On Lasers

Lasers have been around for years, but there are still a host of misconceptions about their use and effectiveness.

I wondered why the laser sights were pulsating rather than a steady beam. Chris had the answer. He told me the pulsating light is an attention-getter for both officers and bad guys. Rather than using a static beam like a flashlight, the pulsating laser is highly visible, particularly under stressful conditions. When the eyeballs flatten out due to an adrenaline rush, the pulsating laser is easier to pick up. Just as a strobing light bar attracts attention, so also does the pulsating laser. It’s particularly useful when dealing with subjects high on drugs and alcohol.

For those of you on SWAT teams, IR lasers are now available for use with night vision goggles. Which brings up a point about tactics. Just as the light from your flashlight will telegraph your position to the bad guy, so also will the laser sight if you keep it on during an operation. Laser sights are an invaluable addition to anyone’s tool box, but like any other tool there is a right and wrong way to use it. The bottom line - practice, practice, practice. Know when to deploy flashlights and lasers. Proper use can steal the advantage from someone intent on hurting you.

Stay safe, Brothers and Sisters!


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John M. Wills spent 33 years in law enforcement as a Chicago Police Officer and FBI Special Agent (Ret). He is a Freelance Writer and Speaker whose third book, TARGETED, is now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Contact John through his website:

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