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Officer Radio 3/1/12: More Active Shooter Discussion

During last week's Officer Radio show, guest Jason Stoddard joined host Frank Borelli to discuss the evolution of Active Shooters in the United States; specifically their violent attacks on or in schools, and how police response to such events has evolved.  What Frank and Jason discovered was that the one hour radio show was insufficient to discuss all of the topic points they had previously outlined.  As a result, Jason Stoddard was invited back and has accepted, generously agreeing to give us another hour of his time to talk about this important topic.

In today's world, Active Shooter events are not confined to schools, although the threat therein still remains.  In this week's radio show, Frank and Jason will continue their discusion about tactics and training for responding to such events but will also talk about active shooter attacks in other public places, i.e. malls and business buildings, as well as what legally armed civilians should (or shouldn't) do during those attacks as circumstances permit.

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