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SureFire E1B Backup Light Review

I think most people that know me, know I am usually very well prepared for work as far as equipment goes even though I am working in a plain clothes unit.  Sometimes that led to people asking to borrow my primary flashlight for one reason or another and I would lend it to them because, I am a team player. I decided that I needed a small high output flashlight that I could tuck away and have available at all times.  The intent of getting this light was so that I could lend a good, high output light to my co-workers without handing over my primary handheld light. 

I looked around for a while until I finally decided that the Surefire E1B Backup Light was going to be my new loaner light.  It offers dual output with 110 lumens and a tactical run time of 1.3 hours or 5 lumens for 37 hours.  In case you are wondering, the tactical run time means that the output has dropped to 50 lumens.  It only uses one CR123A battery which is nice because it makes the total length of the light only 4 inches.  It’s 1 inch wide at the bezel and with a battery in the light, it weighs in at 2.8 ounces.  The pocket clip allows you to carry it lens up or lens down.  The light source is what SureFire describes as a virtually indestructible light emitting diode with their 'Total Internal Reflection' (TIR) lens.  The push button tailcap is like the switch on most lights, one press or click activates the high output 110 lumen beam.  Release or click the button off and quickly reactivate for the low output 5 lumen beam.  The body of the light is made from high-strength aerospace aluminum which is treated to a Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish.

One thing I think about in a handheld tactical light is how it fits my hand in the event I need to use it as a defensive impact tool.  It also works very well to reinforce the knuckles when held in the fist for delivering a jab or straight punch.  It doesn’t really stick out from the side of the hand very much so you could pinch your hand if you deliver a hammer fist.  You may be asking yourself if you would even notice pinching your hand but, the bezel does have a sharp edge to it.  I haven’t personally tried it but, I think it would actually cut your hand.

As fate would have it, about the time I got this light, the guy that always borrowed my primary light ended up buying his own SureFire G2 Nitrolon.  Since he did that, I haven’t had to lend it out but a few times.  That’s okay because, it means I have three lights on me every day.  I have a weapon mounted light on my pistol, my primary hand held light in a pouch on my belt, and the SureFire E1B Backup clipped to my left front pants pocket.  I can honestly say that having all three lights on me has relieved any worry about not having a working light at a critical moment.

SureFire refers to what I have done here as the Tactical Trinity for Law Enforcement.  It may sound like over kill and it may sound kind of squirrely but I consider it being prepared. This is a very impressive little light.  It throws a very bright beam a long way.  One thing I believe strongly in is that if you carry a gun, you better have a light for identifying threats.  For those working plain clothes or when your off duty, this light is about a perfect as it can get in the sense that it is lightweight and easily concealed while being tough as nails.  It also just makes sense to always have a light on your person because you never know when you just might need one.

Surefires lists the MSRP for this light at $160 but, you will be able to get it for around $150 if you look around.

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