On duty with robo partner

Consider what it would be like to have a super partner: someone who knows all the latest technology, can find background information in a snap, can provide reliable backup in tense situations and of course, be easy to get along with. Well, we’re...

The technology to create and implement such a robo partner is available today, provided a broadband radio system like LTE for public safety exists. Congress is currently reviewing the bill that would allow implementation of the D-block spectrum for public safety so these broadband radio systems could become a reality. Think of the many things that can be done today with our current smartphones. Now by incorporating some of the same technology into law enforcement, along with the broadband channels of the D-block spectrum, development of a robo partner can happen relatively fast. This capability would greatly help law enforcement officers and dispatch center operations become synchronized. It would also bring more eyes and support to the officer on the scene by providing virtual backup to help with all kinds of problems instantaneously.

Carl Rader’s experience in the field of electronics and radio engineering spans 30 years. His public safety project experiences include project management, RF system design, computer networks and emergency operations center design and construction. He is based in Coral Springs, Fla. where he serves TCS public safety clients and projects throughout Fla., as well as Georgia and the central Gulf Coast. He can be reached at carl.rader@tusaconsulting.com.

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