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Marz Tactical Admin Pouch Review

Marz Tactical Gear is a company making a full line of various nylon tactical gear in Phoenix, Arizona.  One thing I really like is that all their gear is designed and manufactured in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Marz Tactical Gear designs their products to maximize storage but streamlines their products to also maximize available space.

I’ll be honest with you, I had never heard of Marz Tactical Gear until a couple of months ago at a training class.  One of their company representatives was there.  When I got home, I checked out their website and as fate would have it, I ran in to the same company rep at another course in Virginia.  This course took a few days so I had more time to talk to him and get some info about the company as well as a couple items for review. 

The first item the rep handed me was the Marz Tactical Admin Pouch with Chemlight Slots.  It provides a good platform to keep your pens, handcuff key, note pad, multi-tool, and other doodads close by and well organized.  It’s made from 1000D Cordura nylon.  Marz puts two panels of loop (Velcro) on the front of the pouch for patches.  There is one panel on the top flap and another on the bottom.  The interior has three elastic loops to secure, pens, flashlights, knives, utility tools, markers, etc.  There is also another small lanyard loop to attach your favorite retention device so that you don’t risk loosing any of your sensitive, high value items.  You could also use it to clip an extra key ring to so that you always have spares.

The back of the pouch has webbing for attaching it to your favorite MOLLE vest or plate carrier.  The straps that weave through the MOLLE do not actually have snaps or hook & loop to secure them in place.  The ends are folded back on themselves and have a plastic center.  They are semi rigid and weave back up through the MOLLE to secure the pouch in place.  I was a little skeptical but found them to be very secure and they have not come loose.  You could use Speed Clips or Malice Clips if you prefer but they are not necessary.  To take advantage of the four chemlight slots, I stuck a few in the purpose designed slots in the back of the pouch.  The nice thing about the chemlight slots is that it keeps them out of the way and held tightly in a horizontal position so that they don’t fall out.  They are accessible from either the left or right side.  I prefer having chemlights neatly tucked away instead of putting them through the MOLLE webbing or loose in a utility pouch. 

In the past I had been running a double hand cuff case as a kind of admin pouch.  The front slot had an extra pair of hinge cuffs and the other slot held a spiral notebook.  Unfortunately, I had to take time to cut the bottom off the notebook to make it fit.  Then I would slide a handcuff key and pen behind the MOLLE somewhere else on the vest.  With the Marz Tactical Admin pouch, trimming the notebook is not required.  I even slipped in that extra pair of handcuffs.  My Admin Pouch contains my notebook, hinge cuffs, a pen, handcuff key, and a Streamlight Nano attached to the lanyard loop.  I also attached my front identification panel to the front of the pouch.  I appreciate that this pouch combines in to one package what had been three packages.

Marz Tactical offers their products in Multicam, Digital Woodland, Army Digital, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, & Desert Digital by special order.  The MSRP on the Marz Tactical Gear Admin Pouch with Chemlight Slots is $36.99 and is available from several well known dealers. 

For more info or to see a list of their products, visit the Marz Tactical website at: