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Galco KingTuk IWB Holster Review

I am going to start this review off with the statement that I have never been a fan of kydex inside the waist band holsters until recently.  I have never found kydex IWB holsters to be very comfortable, especially if you’re wearing them for an extended period of time.  They usually caused pressure points or pinched my side and I never used them for very long.  You may be asking why I am obsessed with kydex.  Simply, it’s all about being able to reholster quickly in case I need to go hands on.  With a lot of non-kydex IWB holsters, the holster collapses as soon as you remove the firearm making it difficult to re-holster.

Several months ago, I was at one of my favorite gun shops and saw the new, patented, Galco KingTuk.  This holster is produced by Galco at their facility in Phoenix, AZ.  The first thing I noticed was that it looked very similar to another company’s holster that was on the market.  It’s a kydex holster riveted to a saddle leather backing made of “Premium Center Cut Steerhide”.  The attachment to the belt is accomplished with two, adjustable for cant, spring steel clips that go over your belt and are positioned on either side of the holster.  The spring steel clips accommodate up to a 1 ¾” belt.  Optional injection molded “C-Hooks” fitting belts up to 1 ¼” are available to offer the highest level of concealment when you tuck in your shirt so that the large steel clips are not seen by prying eyes.

Since last year I had been thinking about getting a new holster that would allow me to conceal my pistol under the least amount of clothing possible during the Mid-Atlantic’s humid summers.  I was also looking for something that would offer a decent amount of retention and print as little as possible.  When carrying in plain clothes, I tend to be hyper vigilant about printing.  Typically, IWB holsters offer the least amount of printing.  After taking a look at the Galco KingTuk, I decided that this holster might be able to fill the bill.

Once I got the holster home I started out by checking the retention with a “Blue” gun.  While there is no active retention device that you need to defeat, retention is based on friction and the mold of the kydex slightly grips the trigger guard.  While holding the holster in my hand I noticed that the friction retention was a little loose but, tight enough to hold the pistol in place even when turned up side down.

After checking out the retention, I loosened my belt and started trying to put the holster on.  It was kind of tricky and took a while to get it properly positioned.  Basically, I just needed to get the technique down pat.  After a few attempts, I was able to strap up in about one minute.  I have not been able to put this holster on in what I would consider a quick fashion.  In contrast, taking the holster off is very quick.  Just be careful not to bend the clips out too far as you may damage them and loose spring tension.

Next, it was time to check out the draw.  The cut of the leather backing is very nice.  It does not interfere with getting the full firing grip while holstered.  I also noticed that the friction retention was much better.  The body and the belt create more friction which I like but, it still offers a quick draw and presentation.

Now it was time for some wear and tear.  Well, I have worn this holster frequently since the summer started and it’s very comfortable even when wearing it for up to 12 hours at a time.  As far as tear, it’s holding up nicely with no separating of the stitching or rivets.  The leather was flat when I first got this holster but, now it’s curved and nicely contoured to my hip.  The level of concealment is great.  I can wear a simple t-shirt and you cannot tell I am armed.  I usually leave my shirt un-tucked.  Tucking the shirt in with this holster is an option however; it can look like you have a hump under your clothes depending on the pistol you’re trying to conceal.  I also feel that tucking in the shirt slows down the draw to much for my liking. 

In conclusion, I really like the Galco KingTuk IWB holster.  It’s comfortable, tough, and practical.  I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for a holster that offers deep concealment, good friction retention, and quick presentation.  You’ll be able to find this holster for about $55.