What We Can Get Away With

Just because something may not be specifically prohibited by law, doesn’t mean it won’t come back to bite us. Val Van Brocklin shares three examples from the front lines and offers a new way of thinking.

We weave ethics into every subject at our Academies and in-services and wrestle with the muddier, murkier line drawing. And we put the lines that some would draw to the test of our core values.

We teach that law enforcement is the standard bearer for not just what is legal but what is honorable. We should not be conniving ways to meet the letter of the law while evading or diminishing its spirit. We should be above questions of what we can get away with and instead carry a guidon that hails “Intention counts” – because it does.


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Described by Calibre Press as "the indisputable master of enter-train-ment," Val Van Brocklin is an internationally sought speaker, trainer and noted author. She combines a dynamic presentation style with over 10 years experience as a prosecutor where her trial work received national media attention on ABC's Primetime Live, the Discovery Channel's Justice Files, in USA Today, The National Enquirer and REDBOOK. In addition to her personal appearances, she appears on television, radio, and webcasts, in newspapers, journal articles and books. Visit her website: www.valvanbrocklin.com

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