Is a Recoil Reducer Right For You?

If it wasn’t for recoil we’d all be great shots, and no one would ever flinch (which is what causes most missed shots).

The unit is top quality; Sprinco's rods are made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel polished to such a good mirror finish that it is often mistaken for chrome plating.  What about durability?  Here’s Sprinco President Alan Duggar on the subject: You never have to replace the guide rod or the secondary spring. It is not compressed enough to stress the spring, and will never take a set. The 17-4 stainless rod is heat treated and is tougher than most guns (it just won’t stay shiny). We have a lifetime warranty against breakage (and they don’t break). The recoil springs, being made of chrome silicon wirestock (like the subsprings), are also cryogenic processed, which gives them an outrageously long duty cycle. They’ll run for a minimum of 20,000 rounds, and realistically, much longer.  Now I did not shoot 20,000 rounds, but if Alan is willing to put this claim in an email…well, that speaks volumes.  Also, several top-ranked competitive shooters use the Sprinco system, and if you think that you can get a top professional shooter to even slightly risk a match-losing malfunction, then you don’t know them very well.

I have since fired lots of rounds from my Sprinco-equipped pistol, with absolutely no problems of any kind.  The system now lives full-time in my carry gun, so you know how I feel about it.  For the price of a couple boxes of good ammunition, you may want to try it out, too.


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