Cygnus Law Enforcement Group's 2011 Innovation Awards

The most innovative products from the previous year

“LexisNexis’ Accurint Mobile application connects government and law enforcement agencies to more than thirty billion public records and critical investigative tools needed to verify information in the field, and rapidly follow-up on new leads as they develop.”



  • Foray Technologies, Bag and Tag
  • Innovative Data Solutions, Inc., PowerDMS STANDARDS




Winner: FreightWatch Security Net, Geo F2 Covert GPS Tracker

“The FreightWatch Geo F2 Covert Tracker is a covert GPS location tracking, monitoring and surveillance device. Based on gpsOne assisted location-position technology, the Geo F2 tracker operates in impaired environments with no clear view of the sky.”



  • BriefCam, BriefCam VS Enterprise
  • 5.11 Tactical, COVRT 18




Winner: Lenco Armored Vehicles, Lenco Gas Injector Unit

“The Lenco Gas Injector Unit (GIU) is a multi-use tool designed specifically for the safe dispersion of chemical agents into a hostile environment, including homes, automobiles and other hardened structures.”



  • Webster Innovations, LLC – TMK, Tactical Microphone Keeper
  • Jersey Tactical Corp, JTC-CLAW


Traffic Enforcement


Winner: Kustom Signals Inc, ProLaser 4

“Smaller. Lighter. Faster. Faster target specific acquisition Three ways to power: four AA batteries, USB to PC cable, power cord adapter Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide exceptional performance.”



  • Tamiami International Equipment Inc., PORTABLE VEHICLE BARRIER (PVB)
  • Affiniton, DrugWipe - Saliva Only




Winner: Dummies Unlimited, Inc., SWAT TARGETS

“Our Life Size 3-D SWAT Targets take firearms training to a whole new level by adding REALISM to any firearms training program. Their Full Size 3-D appearance allows agencies to practice realistic shots at a 30 or 45 degree angle from either side, as well as straight on, creating realistic training scenario.”



  • Officer Under Fire, LLC, Perpetrator Shooting Target
  • StressVest Corporation, StressVest


Uniforms & Apparel


Winner: Riverside Ventures LLC, The BadgeKeeper

“The BadgeKeeper provides support and stabilization to uniform badges for police, fire, EMS and security professionals. A secure badge will not hang loosely, drift to the side when wearing body armor, or get caught on equipment or other people when in close contact.”



  • Safety Innovations LLC, Walkieclip
  • BandZorb, LLC, BandZorb Disposable Liners


Vehicles & Vehicle Accessories


Winner: Havis, Inc, Havis 2011 Ford Explorer K9 Transport Unit

“Havis 2011 Ford Explorer K9 Transport System truly delivers industry innovation firsts, as this model incorporates customer requests & input to modify and improve on all Havis unique design qualities. Maximizes officer/canine space & visibility, and allows driver seat to move all the way back for comfort.”



  • Rockwell Collins, iForce Integrated Public Safety Vehicle Solution
  • Genetec, AutoVu SharpX


Paramount Award


Winner: Fulcrum Biometrics, LLC., FbF mobileOne

“The FbF mobileOne is an affordable pocket sized digital biometric fingerprint collection accessory that snaps onto the Apple iPod or iPhone. The purpose of the mobileOne is to allow users to collection high quality (FBI PIV Compliant) fingerprints of suspects, detainees or even deceased individuals rapidly and efficiently.”


Runners Up

  • BriefCam, BriefCam VS Enterprise
  • Ocean Systems, Omnivore


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