Magnum Spider 8.1 Tac Spec HPI Boots

While that may be a mouthful of a name, I've come to think of them just as the Magnum Spider Tacs and have given them a decent field / wear test.

Also, the lace storage system on the tongue is a phenomenal idea. I like it alot, BUT I'd prefer it made out of some flexible material rather than the relatively stiff plastic/rubber synthetic that is used. When I bunched up my laces to stuff them into the pocket, I eneded up feeling the pressure of it against my shin. The pressure should be kept pushing outside of the boot - not inside.

Aside from those two comments / preferences, I found the boots comfortable to wear. My feet broke them in - and it didn't take much. This is good for two reasons: 1) If the boots break your feet in it's always uncomfortable, and 2) uncomfortable boots suck to wear. The faster you can break them in the less time you spend wondering when they're going to be comfortable on your feet. These boots were never UNcomfortable on my feet and within a day or two of wear they had conformed nicely to my feet / walking pattern.

The boots kept my feet warm during some of the chillier nights I wore them (temps in the low '50s) and cool during some of the warmer days I had them on (tempts in the high '90s).

The support provided to the ankle is good without feeling restrictive to movement. I have high arches and I found that the ergonomically designed shape of the insole provided me with good support.

On a scale of one to five - with one being the worst and five being the best - I'd rate this boot between 4 and 4.5. Oddly enough, Magnum boots has a system online that allows you to do exactly that and most users appear to agree with my assessment.

The Buy Direct (MSRP) price on the Magnum boots website is $175 which is reasonable given the current market prices for comparable boots. However, a quick Google search revealed these boots from several dealers at prices as low as $150. So do your research (as always).

All in all, a good boot that I can recommend without hesitation. And if the Spider Tacs don't float your boat, Magnum boots has plenty of other designs and models to choose from.


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