The Other Ninety Percent

It’s been said that gunfighting is ten percent physical and ninety percent mental.

The Art of Modern Gunfighting The Pistol: Volume 1 by Scott Reitz 

Scott Reitz, better known as “Uncle Scotty” by his student and alumni, was a career police officer having spent thirty years with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Scotty was with the LAPD during the 1980’s when they were setting the standard for police firearms training.

A veteran of numerous life and death scenarios, Reitz has seen his share of bloodshed and gunfire.  Now retired from law enforcement, Scott carries on with his school, International Tactical Training Seminars.  

Now in its second printing is Reitz’ book The Art of Modern Gunfighting The Pistol: Volume 1.  Throughout the text you will find practical advice and experience offered by someone who spent three decades fighting bad guys and felons in L.A., often to the death.   Chapters included material on Mindset, Justifiable Use of Force and Deadly Force, Post-shooting Considerations, Training and Gear choice amongst others.  The best way to order a copy is through the school’s website at 


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About The Author:

Mr. Markel is a former United States Marine, Police Officer, and has worked as a professional bodyguard both in the U.S. and overseas. A Subject Matter Expert on Small Arms and Tactics, Markel has provided instruction to law enforcement and U.S. Military troops.

As a recognized author and writer, Paul has penned several hundred articles published in numerous professional journals and trade periodicals. Topics include firearms training, use of force, marksmanship, less-than-lethal force options, product reviews and evaluations, emergency medical care, and much more. Sought after as a public speaker, Mr. Markel is at home in front of an audience large or small.


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