Domestic Disturbance Officer Survival Reminder

There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or a safe Domestic Disturbance call.


Domestics have been and continue to be a source of high-risk for responding law enforcement officers.  Fueled by pent-up anger and copious amount of intoxicants marital or cohabitation “bliss” can turn into a fecal storm with law enforcement officers forced to enter the fray.  No, this is not some professional wrestling side show or mixed martial arts throw down and no, you’re not wearing a referee uniform – it just sometimes feels that way.  Domestic disturbance calls oftentimes have deep rooted and long standing causes that you don’t need or want to know about.  Arrest safely if there’s been any violence and probable cause exists.  Attempt to quell the combatants and find out a way to get them through the crisis if possible but never forget your personal safety and what’s at stake.  Emotions and people run high on domestic calls and sometimes when you walk through the door you’re perceive as the enemy not the knight in shining armor.  Be ready, work smart and have pre-trained and practiced skills with which to resort if Mom and Pop get violent and turn on you.


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Kevin Davis is a full-time officer assigned to the training bureau where he specializes in use of force, firearms and tactical training. With over 23 years in law enforcement, his previous experience includes patrol, corrections, narcotics and he is a former team leader and lead instructor for his agency's SWAT team with over 500 call-outs in tactical operations.

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