Search Incident to Arrest

Several United States Supreme Court rulings have had a major impact on how law officers use the fourth amendment.

With the laws related to drug enforcement ever changing, powers of law enforcement have been stripped or reduced.  It’s important that we think outside of the box and formulate lawful solutions to the situations at hand.  Like them or not, they are not for us to judge but merely interpret, sometimes in seconds.  It will take legal scholars years to determine if our actions were appropriate.  Follow the law; it’s who we are and it is where we draw our integrity.  As always, please check with your local prosecutors and follow their established protocols.  Good luck and stay safe!


About The Author:

Chris Watkins started his law enforcement career as a police officer in our Nation’s Capital before moving his family west. In DC he worked with the Major Narcotics Unit as well as performing undercover assignments in the Street Robbery Unit. In his new location he was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit with the majority of his duties encompassing narcotics investigations and doing more undercover work. Currently he’s assigned as a K-9 handler for his agency. He’s an active member of the USPCA, FOP and FAAM.

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