Defending Your Lineup in Court

Armed with headlining DNA exonerations and new research, defense attorneys have a new arsenal for attacking police lineups. Are you ready to do battle in court?

Heed the advice of Michael Barasse, a former district attorney and current judge who was one of one of the dozens of law enforcement officials and social scientists who helped craft the Justice Department guidelines. In 2005, Barasse said that police departments should implement the guidelines before a savvy defense attorney uses them to dismantle one of their cases or before someone who was wrongfully convicted uses the guidelines to sue their department. (last web link below)

Next month we’ll delve into Barasse’s forewarned specter of civil litigation and look at how police lineups may be a new frontier in failure to train litigation.


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Described by Calibre Press as "the indisputable master of enter-train-ment," Val Van Brocklin is an internationally sought speaker, trainer and noted author. She combines a dynamic presentation style with over 10 years experience as a prosecutor where her trial work received national media attention on ABC's Primetime Live, the Discovery Channel's Justice Files, in USA Today, The National Enquirer and REDBOOK. In addition to her personal appearances, she appears on television, radio, and webcasts, in newspapers, journal articles and books. Visit her website:

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