What do you look for in a magazine?

I have a long time love-hate relationship with plastic AR15 magazines. Back in the early ’90s I jumped onto the bandwagon and picked up some Israeli Orlite and Master Molder Thermold 30-round magazines. I don’t even want to talk about the Orlites...

Lancer goes on to claim that the AWM can withstand a 5-foot drop onto solid concrete, temperatures from minus 40-degrees to 180-degrees Fahrenheit and can be stored loaded for extended periods of time without the feed-lip spreading. I did not measure how high off the concrete it was the multiple times we dropped the loaded magazine, but it survived. It also survived being stepped on and slammed into car doors.

I took the magazine to my department range and had as many officers as I could use it during training. I have also used it to test other products over the last few months. So far, this magazine has gone through approximately 1,000 rounds. I have used everything from old surplus ammo all the way to 75-grain Hornady TAP. Everything we put into the AWM loaded and fed flawlessly. The spring provides a nice constant pressure on the follower, and the follower never once nosed down. Another great feature the officers noted was the ability to see through the magazine; they could easily look at the AWM and see how much ammo remained.

I only heard one complaint that was not an operator-induced problem. Officers using thigh-mounted magazine pouches said the ribs on the magazine would drag on the top seam of the magazine pouch. I tried it for myself and could feel the ribs pass by the top seam, but it did not drag or interfere with the draw of the magazine. The officers who noted this concern use standard aluminum G.I. type magazines, which have smooth sides, so they may have been more sensitive to this. In the end we did not identify anything significant that we did not like or would change about the AWM from a user perspective.

The Lancer AWM is available in 20- and 30-round capacity versions in opaque black, FDE, OD, foliage green and tinted translucent polymer magazine bodies. The translucent version has round count markers at 20 and 30 rounds that work well.

The AWM appears to be a great magazine and I will be picking up some more. Time will tell how it stands up to heavy use, but Lancer is definitely on the right road with this product.

Many vendors are now stocking the AWM; you should be able to pick one up at your local gun shop or online.

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