Health & Fitness Conviction

Seldom do you look at your health and wellness with the same conviction as you look upon the things you hold so dear, but without your health and wellness you have nothing at all.

Bar Core Stirs:  Standing upright with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart and using a weight bar, grasp the bar at your chest level and 'stir' it around in a circular motion moving in either direction extending your arms as far out and around as you can without having to lean your body to hold it.  Each full 'stir' is one rep.  Your goal is three sets of twelve reps.

Slider Core Arm Slides: Beginning in a standard push-up position with your hands on slider pads, slide your hands in opposite directions, forward and back while maintaining your straight posture.  One rep is counted as your hand (pick one before you start) goes from forward to back and returns to forward.  Your goal is three sets of fifteen reps.

Strap Knee to Chest: Using the proper equipment, as shown in the accompanying photo, hook both feet in the straps and assume an elevated push-up position.  While maintaining your hands in place and moving so that your knees don't touch the ground, lift your knees toward your chest as far as you can pull against the resistance and return to the elevated push-ups position.  Your goal is three sets of fifteen reps.


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Bryan Fass is the author of “Fit Responder”, a comprehensive wellness plan for the first responder, and the Fit Responder Blog. Bryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and is certified as a licensed athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. He was a paramedic for over 8 years. Bryan has authored four books regarding fitness, wellness and human performance. Bryan is available for Consulting and Speaking on Public Safety Fitness Testing along with Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Programs. Contact him via email to

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