Protecting Yourself From Fraud

Why should you care about your credit score? Because it affects how much you pay for your debt.

If you find someone is using your information to get credit, notify the credit agencies immediately.  They have programs that can restrict credit applications in your name and you can begin having the negative information from that account removed (after all, the crook isn’t going to pay the bill on your behalf).


While I am not a fan of debt, the reality is most of us either actively use credit now (such as for a mortgage) or have used it in the past.  Controlling your debt is the best way to handle credit, but you also need to recognize that how well you control you debt can affect how much you pay for loans, insurance and much more.  Regularly checking your credit report online can ensure that the report is accurate and that you are not a victim of identity theft.

As always, be safe.


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About The Author:

Jonathan Bastian is a police officer in Lexington, Kentucky. He is a noted author on thermal imaging technology, but has a passion for personal finance and helping people spend money wisely. He has a bachelor’s degree in business economics and international relations (commerce emphasis), and paid for several Spring Break trips by “buying low and selling high.” He is still a cop by trade, so his suggestions and comments are not intended as formal tax, financial or accounting advice. Consult paid professionals if you need formal guidance.

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