Examining The Rise In LODDs

What is causing the increase in LODDs? The popular and common answers may not recognize the "hidden" driving force behind the violence.

Unfortunately the acronym LODD is one that every cop knows; “Line of Duty Death”.  Over the last two years, many of your writers for Officer.com have addressed this growing tend with suggestions, tactics and strategies.   In 2010 there was a 37% increase.  Today, it’s up 21% and fearfully growing. It’s anyone’s guess as to the real cause or causes, but I’m going to give you my suspicion.  It’s actually a confluence of factors.   Hopefully I will hear back from you on this for your opinion counts…

The cause of evil things is money.”

Right after 9/11 I was in Washington, D.C., with an educational leader for Saudi Arabia and we were doing a comparative study of government (ours v. theirs).  I remember asking him why Arabs hated us, or so it seemed.  He replied, “We love the American people, we just hate your government; it’s corrupt”.  I was taken back a bit with his comment.  Didn’t thieves get their hands cut off for stealing, heads chopped for moral indiscretions, and the Royal Family of Saud rule by violence?  I chalked up his opinion as one of perspective.  My friend went back to the Middle East and I continued on with my law enforcement career, but his words never strayed far from my thoughts.

I was never one to think of conspiracies or really subscribe to them having always been indoctrinated that those who perpetuate the idea of them are nuts.  About two years ago I read the book “Conspiracy Theory” by Jesse Ventura.  For those of us who grew up watching him in the ring or movies we know he is a media hound in his own right, but after reading what he wrote his arguments for the insanity of the last decade made a lot of sense compared to what our so-called “elected officials” wanted us to believe.  The big money put into campaigns by the banking and financial industry, voting irregularities, global policing responsibility, and elected officials seemingly listening to the minority when enacting sweeping legislation and not paying attention to the majority; politicians indicted all over the place, etc. (Want to see who bought your Congressman or Woman?  See the link below and Follow the Money). What the hell is going on here?  We live in turbulent times, really.

Decade of Disaster

Over the last ten years look at all the crap that has been heaped on America, and then ask yourself how have Congress and the Office of the President contributed to this stuff?

  • Intelligence failure leading to 9/11
  • Questionable motivations leading to the Invasion of Iraq in ‘03
  • Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars squandered in Afghanistan due their corruption.
  • Thousands of our troops killed, and tens of thousands wounded in a decade long war with no end in sight.
  • Federal screw-up with Katrina response.
  • Near economic collapse in ’08.
  • The free bailout of Wall St. (why hasn’t anyone gone to jail for this or at least had their a$% kicked for writing free checks with no accountability?)
  • The housing market disintegration – again, I ask why we don’t see any banking executives laying unconscious knocked out in the middle of Wall Street?  I’m still looking – I don’t see anyone.
  • Gasoline at $4.00 a gallon (rising cost of goods, etc.)
  • The Town hall screaming matches last summer over healthcare.
  • Oh, and the latest, ex-Congressman Weiner showing his weiner. 


Which brings me to another point – If I flash my genitalia over Twitter, or anywhere in public for that matter, I lose my job, instantly.  Not weeks later due to political pressure “from both sides of the aisle”.  It’s called a violation of “Public Trust”.

Talk is Cheap

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