Fitness: It's All About Control

Nothing is worse that loosing or not being able to control a hot scene and the stress it causes is extreme. The same can be said for control of our health, wellness and fitness.

Control and consistency are difficult and often hard for many of to attain.  By following the 5 simple steps above you will enable yourself to gain control over something that is often much more challenging and has more lethal effects that losing control over a hot scene.  Far too many officers succumb to medical and wellness related issues than anything else faced on the street, but you have 100% control over this scene.


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Bryan Fass is the author of “Fit Responder”, a comprehensive wellness plan for the first responder, and the Fit Responder Blog. Bryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and is certified as a licensed athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. He was a paramedic for over 8 years. Bryan has authored four books regarding fitness, wellness and human performance. Bryan is available for Consulting and Speaking on Public Safety Fitness Testing along with Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Programs. Contact him via email to

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